Mission Statement
Mission Statement Welcome to the official website of United National Party – United Kingdom Branch. The only Branch in the UK recognised and endorsed by the United National Party headquarters in Sri Lanka.

This organisation was founded in 1976 as the first ever Branch of a political party of Sri Lanka. During our illustrious history, we served the Sri Lankan Diaspora in many ways becoming the focal point of all community related activities. We have also served the main party in Sri Lanka becoming its main overseas wing. Even today, we continue to carry on our duties to both Sri Lankan Diaspora and mother party.

The main mission of the Branch is to counter false propaganda carried out by various elements to tarnish the image of the party. We have stood firmly in relation to the national issues in the recent past. As a formidable force in the United Kingdom, we shall continue to foster unity among all communities. It is with pride we say that we are the only organisation to adhere to the slogan "We are Sri Lankans" and represent people from all walks of life.

Today, unfortunately the democratic values and principles in Sri Lanka are fast fading. The people´s franchise had been betrayed for mere political gains. It is our duty to educate the community of such undemocratic measures and expose those who are responsible for it. We invite all of you to join our hands and walk together to strengthen the United National Party, the strongest single political party of Sri Lanka.

Warning: It has come to our attention that several individuals try to deceive people by posing as UNP-UK Branch for personal gains. Please be aware of it and do not donate any money to them.